The FONDATION 15 SAINTS PÈRES was created by a team of partners aware of the development of philanthropy and wishing to work for equal opportunities.

As they wanted to strengthen their commitment on a personal level, the partners decided to create a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France. Thus was born, in 2016, the Fondation 15 Saints Pères, whose name refers directly to the address of the Morel d’Arleux law firm.

Indeed, the founders are deeply conscious of the social inequalities that characterise today’s society. As these inequalities have a strong impact on the younger generations, the founders wanted to provide financial support to associations that fight for the integration of young people, whether through sport, culture, access to housing and education.

On a professional level, the partners dedicate a part of their activity to the development of legal tools designed to address the needs of their clients and to support them in reaching their charitable goals.